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The companies listed at the top of this page own me $8915.00.  They do not respond to any requests for payments so to protect others  this site will remain until payment is received.

Since the legal process is too time consuming,  I will leave this website up until the day that I am paid.

Mike Lally & Offshore Performance Service Center Being Sued:  Michael Lally simply closes the company and thinks he can continue to get away with not paying people. 

Broward County Case Number: COCE16023427 State Reporting Number: 062016CC023427AXXXCE
Court Type: Civil Division - County Court Case Type: CC Replevin >$5,000 - $15,000
Incident Date: N/A Filing Date: 10/25/2016
Court Location: Central Courthouse Case Status: Pending
Magistrate ID / Name: N/A Judge ID / Name: 50 Skolnik, Peter B.
Style: Touax Modular Building USA LLC Plaintiff vs. Offshore Performance Service Center Inc, Michael Lally Defendant

Michael Lally Closes the Companies and thinks he has not liability.

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Lookup this case: Broward County Case Number 01019105cf10a

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